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How I started my digital marketing journey? and how did I learn about this?

In today’s time, digital marketing is a booming weapon for businesses. and you already know that everyone now using digital marketing for their businesses and now they making and building the growth of their businesses.

 Now let me start first with how I know and how I started to learn digital marketing

 I am a guy who belongs to a lower-middle-class family that has a lot of restrictions.

 When I was in the 9th standard,I didn’t have an Android phone to learn something from the internet. but now today’s time is very different. In today’s time parents. They bought them new devices and all for their kids. They are luckier to have that type of parents. but we didn’t.

 When I was in 9th standard. I saw the ICT book that’s full form is information communication technology. I like that book a lot that’s where my interest started to wake up.

 I read the entire book in a day and wrote it all in my mind. now you can guess from this how much I was excited about technology.

 Then in graduation second year, I got my first Android phone which was Redmi 3S Prime. and also, jio came at that time. At that time, I was very happy with my new Android phone and with free internet.

 When I got all this things then I started my digital journey.

 lots of people when they get their first Phone and free internet then they start using it in the wrong way. the phone slowly starts catching them in its clutches. then a time comes that they become completely addicted to the phone.

 But I didn’t like that. when I got my first phone then I start searching about online things like how to make money online and all of that.

 Then I saw somewhere on YouTube that you can do digital marketing and you can make money through that. then I start learning about digital marketing. how to do digital marketing and all.

 Now I started my own digital marketing agency after 4+ years of job experience in this.

 When I learned everything about digital marketing then I started searching for jobs. then I applied for some jobs and I got selected. I learned so many things over there about digital marketing and their work cultures. I sharpened my skill over there and now after 4 + years of jobs experiences, I started my own digital marketing agency where I have a few genuine clients and now I am helping them with my Strategies, and services.

 Here is a small story of mine about how I started my digital marketing journey.  I hope you will understand you can do anything in this life that you want.

 I saw so many problems in my life Now I learned everything about how to manage all these things.

 I hope you will like it and you will get some motivation from this if yes then connect with me if you want to know more about me. Technical Vishwakarmaji

 This is a very short story that I told you in this story. if you want to know more than connect with me, I can explain more. Technical Vishwakarmaji

  thank you for reading. 💕

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